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What I'm All About

I am a camping loving, mountain vibes + waffle eating wedding + elopement photographer from the small area of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mainly  I am a Friends watcher, smoothie drinking, secret Vampire Diaries fan (just kidding everyone knows). I love all things related to dogs. I have a puppy named Alpine who I think honestly hates how much I snuggle her but oh well, she can't say anything about it! 

 I'm obnoxiously obsessed with my hottie of a husband who is the funniest, kindest, and weirdest human I know. He eats more gummies in an hour sitting than I have in my whole life. Together we travel the world, take a million and five pictures, all while watching a couple episodes of The Office in-between. We are those people that are better together than we are apart, and that's why I love weddings so much. I love being invited into those special moments people share with their person. From the early mornings of pancakes for brekkie, the tears during your vows as the love of your life wipes them away, to the final dance under the stars on a mountain top. I love, love and it's amazing to see the different personalities that come through, and having the honour to be reminded everyday of the love God has blessed us with. 

I am always willing to travel, and love exploring this beautiful world! I want to become friends with you, I want to be your friend traveling the world with you, not just your photographer. I'm always down for a game of Code names (if you don't know that game, go look it up. You're welcome). I am that person that would rather camp in the mountains surrounded by nature then stay at a new hotel in New York.  I'm someone who will always be talking because I don't like awkward silence (who does?!) But until the one moment at a wedding where I want that moment to melt away in your hearts forever. Everyone needs to find their perfect fit, and everyone deserves to find someone who helps them represent who they are as a couple, whether that's running in the dirt, taking a moment of silent under the sunset, or hiking up a mountain for breath taking views. All while capturing your quirky, funny, silly, romantic, intimate, laughing so hard your cheeks start to hurt type of love.

I don't want to just sit and watch your wedding, I want to tell your story. I want these moments to bring you back to your wild + free love.


the feels

Are you feeling the feels while looking at my work? Well I'd say we are off to a great start! I don't just capture the perfect 'grandma's fridge' picture, I capture the in-between moments you didn't think anyone was watching. I will quietly watch the wedding, but within seconds be by your side if you need me. Capturing these moments are what make my heart flutter. These moments make me feel. I want you to see my work + style and have your heart racing, knowing you've found the one! I have a unique style and I know it will not be for everyone. I get the messy, blurry, running, hair in your face type love. Those moments that make you and your human laugh tears of joy.