Where do I even begin with these two! I was hiking with my husband on my honeymoon and saw these two and thought they looked like a lovely couple. I asked them if they would meet up with me for sunrise the next day in the middle of the mountains! So that's what we did! Us strangers woke up at the crack of dawn and met out in the cold. We hiked about ten minutes to this stop, chatting and laughing the whole time! Once we got there we ran around in the mountains! 
The best part of this story was we ended up meeting up again in the evening and having supper together and laughing the whole time! These two truly became my friends, and it was great sitting in the hot tub with a light snow, getting to know them more and more.
These two are so adventurous and so crazy fun! They love to travel and I hope these photos show their adventurous side!

Jozanna Rempel