Little did I know this adventure would bring me friends, amazing yet crazy memories. To the top of a mountain for an elopement shoot, and to La Push beach.

I drove to Abbotsford, BC and then drove down through Seattle and then into Olympic National Park for the next couple days! It was a lot of driving, a lot of beautiful scenery and tons of conversations with my girl Kassie Donaldson! She was the one that took all the photos of me! So props to her for being so skilled with a camera! (@kassandradonaldsonphoto) 

From being strayed the first night with no hotel to the last night being spent in... well who even knows where we stayed that last night. With no service all week, I don't think I could ever complain about the views.

Thanks Kassie for an amazing trip. And thanks Alpine Northwest for hosting me and teaching me everything!

Special thanks to Anni Graham, India Earl, and Melissa Marshall for being my inspiration.


Jozanna Rempel