Vanessa + Nathan


I host Mentor sessions with photographers and this was a styled shoot for another photographer to learn from me! SO out we trekked into the cold cold winds in Birds Hill Park!
We walked a ways out to fine this cozy location in the evergreens!
We were in a mini snow globe with these two! My heart is overwhelmed with love for them and I knew them for about 5 minutes before I took this photo!
I had the Honour of doing a mentor session for a lovely photographer! It was so much fun running around in ankle deep snow while laughing about the ridiculous things I make my couples do.
The other photographer and myself would stop and she'd learn from me and watch me as I shot Vanessa + Nathan.
Vanessa + Nathan were nothing but angels! They put up with everything ridiculous I made them do. I'd say it was well worth it for perfect snow and a million laughs.

Jozanna Rempel