Our Wedding

We were 10 years old when we met. Little elementary kids that spent everyday together. Days were full of grounders, cheese conversations, and laughing on bikes around town. Those 12 years ago. I never thought as I hugged my bestie goodbye after school that I'd be saying goodbye to my future husband. Fast forward a couple years and were in high school together. Everyday that gentleman would open the school doors for my twin and myself. WITH the BIGGEST smile there could ever be. Cody was the type of friend that would come running up to me in chapel to tell me he liked a girl. And I was the girl who had EVERYONE asking me if Cody was single and if he liked them. EVERY girl loved that boy at one point or another, and I was simply the messenger. 

Never did I think I would fall in love with my best friend named Cody. Never. But one day... the way he said Happy Birthday while I was in Africa... it clicked. I KNEW I was in love with him & forever would have my heart.

I didn't want our wedding to be an event, I wanted it to be me and my love giving ourselves to one another in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We married in a place that we felt closest to God to, the mountains. 

With ups and downs, through good and bad. He was my rock, my faith, my deepest love, and my confidence.

I do my love. I do and I will love you forever and more. No days are enough with you.

Honey Bear, I love you. Love, your wife.

 Four months later and I am still in love with this goof ball & these wedding photos.

+ Photography/ Melissa Marsall

+ Floral/ Fauna and Fern

+ Dress/ Stellas

+ Makeup/ Mrazek Make up Artisty

+ Hair/ Myself

+ Decor/ Family

Jozanna Rempel