Those moments when you thought no one was looking as your love wipes the tears off your cheek. 

As the rain hits your hair. The way your dress twirls in the wind.

 When your love squeezes your hands before reading your vows.

Wandering up rocks barefoot, mud on your dress. 

Completely surrounded by nature. 

All those wild and free moments.

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Meet Us

I am a destination wedding + elopement photographer from the small area of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mainly I am a Friends watcher, smoothie drinking, secret Vampire Diaries fan (just kidding everyone knows). I love all things related to dogs. I have a puppy named Alpine who I think honestly hates how much I snuggle her but oh well, she can't say anything about it! Let's hang out and scream over cute puppies.


Maddy + Dexter

“I had never done a professional shoot before meeting Jo, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The whole session made me feel like my boy friend and I were just dancing around and being silly. Jo focused on us as a couple, making sure we were just having a good time, almost making us forget that we were taking pictures. The pictures that we received were nothing short of amazing; they captured all of the fun and silly, but most importantly us as a couple.”

Kylie + Chez

“You exceeded any expectations we had for this whole experience. You made an effort to get to know us, you showed interest in the small details. You’re not our wedding photographer and nothing else; you are our friend. We appreciate you so much, and I have so much love for you and your talent. There aren't enough words to express how much we love all of the photographs you've taken of us.”

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