So, last weekend I had the honour of travelling in a little spot in Manitoba with my better half! He surprised me with a birthday camping trip! How sweet right? He's the sweetest, kindness man I know. We left, bags packed, jeep FULL + hearts happy!

We first went to a camp ground that was pretty secluded! We got the BEST spot in the campground located on a big rock overlooking the water! We could walk down a secret path to the beach.

I can't even begin to express the love I have for my husband. Seeing him in his natural habitat made that love only grow more. He's the most adventurous man I know. I am beyond blessed to be graced with his presence. He's my forever angel sent from God.


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There we were sitting listening to the crackling fire as we finished our supper! (which by the way, he planned every single meal- literally picked photogenic meals for me. How sweet). But then looked up and saw some pink poking out over the trees and knew we needed to get by the water to see the sunset. We were blown away.

Romper is from


Off to a new location farther north in Manitoba! We unpacked + moved our stuff to a pretty little lake! It was a one kilometre hike to a gorgeous little private beach + rapids!


After a good nights sleep we moved to another spot that we had to load up our hiking bags to hike to the top of a little mountain in Manitoba! It wasn't a long hike but worth the heavy baggage to see the views.


Imagine this with me: the sun dipping behind the horizon. The silence covering the whole area, listening to the hum of the birds, the trees ruffle in the wind + the smiles shining from our faces. We were so content in this gorgeous location. Then one by one mosquitos came in. One smack, and then the next. Within a matter of five minutes from the sun dipping down we were RUNNING to get into the tent for cover from how many there were. We sat in our tent listening to the hum of the bugs outside. But, I wouldn't have it any other way snuggled in the tent laughing at how many bugs there were. We definitely weren't going outside after that though. 

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We set our alarms for 5:30 for sunrise. What we woke up to was 100% worth it. The red fire of a sun came pouring through our tent + onto our sleeping puppy.

Everyone should wake up for sunrise at least once a week. I promise it'd worth it.



X Sincerly, Jozanna + Cody