Goodness, this was literally a dream location for me to go! We planned it within a month + a half + were so excited for this new adventure! If you haven't been before you need to check it off your bucket list! I also highly recommend you do it with a road trip compared to flying! You get to see everything when you drive through! This was literally one of our first moments coming into oregon! How beautiful?!

We decided to camp almost every night during our trip! So up the tents went as we prepared for our night stay on our way to Oregon! The sunset lit up the whole sky our first night. We knew something amazing was in store.


Waterfalls, waterfalls + waterfalls! There is so many! I'm sure more than you could ever see! When we went the fire had actually just gone through Oregon so we were unable to visit all of them! But the ones we got to see blew us away! Our goal was to swim in a waterfall but sadly, they were all way to cold or we were unable to swim! But stay tuned for the moment when I get to swim in one.

This first one was Multnomah Falls which was the start of the million + one waterfalls!


Bridal Veil falls was next up + it literally did feel like the perfect spot for a bride + groom!


A sea of pink + floral! I kid you not, everywhere you turned in Oregon you could see flowers blooming! Plus, we weren't even in the blooming season! How does it get more beautiful then this? For real, it felt like a dream! Another reason to visit Oregon.


We drove all the way down a road till we ended up at a little castle looking over the gorge in Oregon! It was such a peaceful spot that felt dead in the middle of Oregon! We ran up + down the stairs to see the outstanding views. You could see around the whole castle 360 degrees! Seeing all that Oregon has to offer.


THIS waterfall! THIS waterfall captured my heart! You need to get to Oregon just for the feeling of running under this waterfall getting absoutley drenched.


We stayed at an Air BNB for night before these waterfalls! Thanks to our lovely host we wouldn't of found Panther Falls! Ask my sisters who went with me on the trip + both of them will say this was one of their favourite spots! Because, it's hard not to fall in love with a huge waterfall where its just us + nature. No one else was there! We were in a private water show.


Coffee in Portland? Don't mind if we do at Simple Local Coffee.


A dream by the sea. The calm air, the misty skies! We were barefoot running on Cannon Beach towards Hay stack rock. How unique is this gorgeous beach? The wind made the ocean smell sweep over you + let me feel you, it was peace.


We had a jam packed week here is Oregon but nothing ever felt rushed! We got to soak in all the locations in all it's glory! Cape Kiwanda was my top place I wanted to go to in Oregon + let me tell you when you sneak under the fence to get to these cliff your heart will thank you.


This is heaven on earth. I swear God hand picked each of these flowers for us! It's absolutely breath taking when you walk around the corner after paying for your ticket to see this! FLOWERS UPON FLOWERS!

When you sat in them you got the strong smell of tulips + the feeling of absolute bliss! It was a full sea of tulips + jumping in them didn't even begin to express my joy.


If you haven't been to Oregon I hope these photos help you plan your trip. Now. Because I promise it's worth every penny!


Xo Jozanna

Jozanna Rempel