I've been to Mexico twice now + have another trip planned in a couple months. Why spend my money on Mexico over + over again? This is why; clear blue water, schools of fish, palm trees + hammock hugs! 

This is also where my husband proposed to me, so maybe I'm a little bias.

We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Resort + it's everything + more! The amount of Nachos + cheese we ate is insane. Probably super unhealthy. Don't judge. 


Tulum ruins. I never in my life have seen this blue of water. I could see my feet from being neck deep in water. HOW?! Is this insane or just me?

We took an hour tour around the ruins hearing about all the facts + history! Honestly, I'm the last person to listen to a tour guide! He made us laugh the whole time! Maybe it's because he was boiling hot from it being +45 degrees outside + he was trying to get through the day. Either way, the tour guides go above + beyond to make your time enjoyable.


I held a string ray! AH WHAT?! YES! It's like a sea dog, it cuddles+  wants treats + loves to be touched. Seriously, the dog of the sea! Yes, I had a couple panic attacks when its stringer would hit me + I was certain I was going to die. I didn't thank the heavens! 

While swimming through the open water I hear a scream from under the water. My husband is screaming + pointing beside him. To my surprise there lies a barracuda. Safe to say I was out of the water for a little bit.


The moment it all changed.

The moment my man became my forever.

So, yes. I loved this trip.

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Jozanna Rempel