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Hey my lovely babes!

The snow is falling, the wind is cold + the London fogs are a must. Sometimes it can be challenging to try and style your hair when you don’t want to go outside. The bonus is we don’t need to worry about frizz or humidity anymore. But we do want to look good in these frigid temperatures. Trying to rock toque in these cold winds sometimes doesn’t do the trick when you’re going out with friends. It’s easy to feel like bundling up to stay warm means you have to compromise on looking chic and stylish, but luckily, that’s not the case. 

Whether you’re headed to the mall to shop or simply running some errands, these curls are perfect for whatever the day has in store. Plus, you can rock these curls with a hat, headband or braids!

I will show you how to create quick and easy beach waves, so whether you’re at a loss for inspiration during the colder months, this hair tutorial sure will help you out!

Check out the photos below to walk you through the steps on how to achieve these simple 1,2,3 step curls! 


Beach Curls:

First find a curling iron (I use a 1inch curling iron by Chi as my back-up one from my salon iron) I find the smaller the barrel the easier it is to control the texture of your curls!

For the first layer try and curl your hair in opposite directions as the last layer. So, if your first layer is going towards the face, then the next layer should be away from the face.


P.s. Your ears forward should all be curled towards the back of the head away from the face.

For each curl you want to straighten it with your curling iron (IF you have curly hair, if your hair is straight. Don’t worry about this part). After you’ve done a light straightening of your 1 inch piece you can wrap it around the barrel of the curling iron. Be sure to leave out a 1/2 to 1 inch section at the end so it remains straight.


Repeat this on each layer of your hair! You can curl in whatever direction you prefer. But the more random it is the more of a messy, tousled look you will get.

Once you’ve completed the whole head of curls, you can then go over your root and make sure it is flattened and straight without any kinks.

Now, you’ll move on to the ends of your hair! Take your curling iron (or straightener if you’d prefer) and run it over the ends of your hair. When you straighten the ends you get a messy texture that seems effortless. 


Your curls are now done and you should take care of them with an oil or serum! I use Voir Haircare! (instagram: @voirhaircare). I pump a small amount into my palm and rub it through my hands before putting it in my hair. If you don’t rub the product into your hands the oil will be concentrated into a specific area of the hair. It won’t be spread throughout all your hair. Only apply oil to the mid and ends of your hair. You never want to put oil onto your root or it’ll become greasier faster.


Once I’m finished I usually move my part over a little bit more than what it originally was when I curled it. It helps create volume in your roots and can create a dramatic side part (which I love).


The products I use almost everyday!

A Bond Repair from Caviar is literally a dream come true! Helps repair any damage to your hair, helps as a heat protect, and basically a leave in treatment for your hair.

Osis Tame Wild is what I’ve been using for the past three years! I use it every time after I shower. It helps with frizz in the best way possible! I have curly hair and always find myself being a frizz ball. But during summer, spring, winter or fall my hair doesn’t poof out from this product. This is a must.

Voir Hair Care is what I use once my hair is dry and styled to my liking! I find it very soft and not to thick! You only need a small amount that goes a long way!

Chi Curling Iron is what I used for this look. It’s a 1 Inch curling iron and I find it best to get the texture I want. Some people use wands or straighteners but I honestly find curling irons so much easier to use.

You can also use hairspray if you’d like! I don’t use hairspray because I find it weighs my hair down and it holds without spray! But if you are someone who needs hairspray I suggest a light weight one because the best thing about these curls is that it doesn’t matter how much you move them! The more you play with your part, hair, or ends it makes it look more messy and effortless.

These are very simple curls that you can rock this winter to make it feel like spring is around the corner!

These curls are also perfect for hats, toques or second day hair! Sometimes I find I like these curls more the next day when they have flattened out a little bit!

You are all beautiful babes inside + out.

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With heart + light,

X Jozanna 


Jozanna Rempel